Craft is not art
but I still like it

Can craft be art?

Like craft, design is not art - but as I've found sometimes it can come close. As a Graphic Designer I know all about being a frustrated artist.

When I was a kid I used to obsessively draw these little characters. There were three of them a fish, a chicken and a pig. They all had similar characteristics except for the fish had fins and lips, the chicken had wings and a beak and the pig had a curly tail and nose. I drew them everywhere! On my books, on the backboard, benches, trees, playground, streets … everywhere.

If it were today I may have been called a tagger or a street artist. I might have been popular and had some cred. But then I was just a nuisance and a vandal. I was repeatedly being told I would amount to nothing and would become a bum so I chose as any good vandal would - a career in Graphic Design.

It was right for me, I loved it. I learned hand skills like drawing, painting, lettering, cutting stencils, design and photography. Virtually all of which I do on a computer now, the skills I had are rarely used now.

So over the weekend when the kids suggest we do some craft I am happy. We do some drawing and I teach them how to design and to cut a bunch of stencils. I am happy, we dig out the aerosol and we spray the stencils on things. We spray random targets about the lane, a garbage bin and some lamp shades that someone has thrown out.

And when the neighbours come out to see it there is a positive response to our craft. No one tells my kids they will amount to nothing, we are not called vandals and our craft comes very close to becoming art.