Converting to digital
paper verses tablet

abook or ebook?

In 2010 the Apple iPad was released. So like any good demented design orientated person – I had to have one. The whole idea of a light weight computer in a book that you can carry around with you and learn how to use in 20 minutes … well that was my kind of computer. So I entered into the tablet age with enthusiasm. I don’t know exactly when it was that I started using it for reading books. The crossover from a book reader to ebook reader was a blurry process. At first it was games, movies and magazines that had me. I read mags and newspapers on the iPad and loved it. Particularly Newspapers on the iPad. No more folding over the broadsheet getting black fingers and ending up with reams of paper, the majority of which just got chucked away in the rubbish. A waist of paper, goodbye I was glad to get rid of it.

The progression to ebooks happened shortly after. It was a moral dilemma of sorts. You see I love books. I love the smell of a new book, the feel of books their texture of the paper, their beautiful glossy cover designs and I love bookshops and libraries. I can spend hours browsing in a bookstore – I read the staff reviews and ultimately always get sucked in by a beautiful cover design – go figure. I don’t care I love the whole experience, I still do.

But then I got my first eBook. It was a free one I thought Id give it a go. And my it was fun and easy to read. I love how crisp and clear the screen is. I love just tapping the screen to change the page and I love how all books weight the same no matter what size they are. it all seemed so practical. I then traveled overseas and I could put a dozen books on my iPad and chuck it in my handbag and away I went. I was hooked.

Why is all this relevant to me now? This week I find myself without an iPad. Having sold my iPad 1 and eagerly waiting till Christmas for a new iPad Air.

No problems – I can cope with this. It might be a good time to get familiar with my favorite classics and enjoy a “real book”. How bad can it be?

I’m lying on the couch snuggled up with my favourite book. Happy days. Firstly I need a good light because the book has no self lighting – no problem. Then I roll over and I cast a shadow over the pages – damn – straighten up again. I have to hold my thumb in such a position that the pages don’t close in on themselves as I’m reading – its uncomfortable. I’m constantly adjusting the page to get the light onto it – left side then right side, how boring, I’m getting distracted.

Then I have to change a page – WTF it takes two hands to do this! I turn the page – whoops skip two pages instead of one – go back one have to lick my finger and try again, scratch about until I get it. This is all starting to bother me. I don’t know when they started to make the type so small but I’m having trouble seeing the words. My favourite book is a little old and worn and the pages have a brownish tinge to them, the type is not crisp. My hands are getting sore and the book seems to be getting heavier.

Usually, if the book is exciting enough, in any one sitting I can read a hundred pages – tonight I read 5 and Im over it! And surprisingly I’m lonely – where are my friends and what are they up to on Facebook – twitter – flickr – iMessage … I better go check the computer.

This is ridiculous but its driving me crazy! What am I going to do tomorrow night? Im scared to open that book again. I want my iPad back and I want it now (much foot stomping movements) . I can’t cope with this, I’m having withdrawals. I have 3 new ebooks and I want to read them now.

I guess I can officially say I’m an ebook reader now – some reasons why…

Pros and cons ebooks

Now – how many days till Christmas?